Let me ask you a question: Do you believe in fate or coincidence? There is no good answer because both options are true. But I believe in love. Because love is the answer, and love found them… Our story begins with these words, spoken by the Brides Father. Anna continues to paint the picture of when she and Matt first met. They shared the hallway in the same apartment building where they officially first met. What are the odd’s?! Its true that love was there and that love guided Matt & Anna from strangers into lovers. The proof is in the story. Experience the love in sound and motion through our short film edit. We were so proud to help embody the grace, beauty and magic of this wedding. From golden Sunsets, heavenly rain, and wilderness, to a serious party – The warmth of this family is the reason we love what we do… Just a few of the wonderful memories of Anna and Matts wedding day at the remote Glasbern Inn in Fogelsville, PA.

Venue: The Glasbern Inn

Church: Saints Simon and Jude Church

Photographer: Chris Gifford from Weddings By Two

DJ: DJ Scribe

Coordinator: Amber Grace

Music Licensed by: Musicbed