We had the extreme pleasure of filming the initiation of the 2000th frater of the Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) chapter at Drexel University in Philadelphia at the Bossone Research Enterprise Center. We love live event coverage like this because much like a wedding, it only happens once! It’s a special kind of privilege to have the job of capturing a fleeting moment in time – in multi camera glory too! It was homecoming week at Drexel. Nearly 77 years ago, Charles Morris Hobson, Jr. took the first TKE oath. 40 years later Joe Facenda would take his oath as Alpha Tau 1000. That brings us to this day. 2000. We also hear from John Anderson Fry, president of Drexel. He speaks “Today as you welcome your 2000th member, I hope you take enormous pride in TKE’s past and look forward to it’s future with even greater excitement. Congratulations on everything you have achieved together.” And quite an achievement it was. Truly better men for a better world.