New Hope, Lambertville Wedding at the Hotel Du Village

This Romantic New Hope Wedding video opens with the blessing:

Father we thank you for this day. We pray you would rain your blessings down on Pierre and Therese. God, that you would knit their hearts together with yours. Father, that you would nourish them with your presence and your word. Give them wisdom, and courage. Bless this time together.

I pray this note finds you well. It has taken us awhile to get here, but the time it took was part of the plan. Our journey together starts perhaps more officially today but in a sense it started along time ago. And all that happened on those respective journeys was in preparation for the next step of the trip

Good morning my love it’s our wedding day, I can’t believe it’s here. So much planning and details to lead us to this perfect, God given moment. I look forward to spending my life with you loving you unconditionally, wholeheartedly. Letting you lead our household and supporting you so you always know that you are a big deal. I am humbled in this moment that God picked you for me. It lets me know how much he thinks of me, how much he loves me. You are kind and good, and gentle and patient, and selfless and loving. That he would put you in my life makes me the happiest woman on this day. I love you very much, I always will. Happy wedding day.

Ceremony: First Presbyterian Church, Lambertville, NJ

Reception Venue: Hotel Du Village, New Hope, PA

Photographer: Susan Stripling Photography

Cinematography: Bobby & Emma

Music Licensed by: SongFreedom

TKE 2000

We had the extreme pleasure of filming the initiation of the 2000th frater of the Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) chapter at Drexel University in Philadelphia at the Bossone Research Enterprise Center. We love live event coverage like this because much like a wedding, it only happens once! It’s a special kind of privilege to have the job of capturing a fleeting moment in time – in multi camera glory too! It was homecoming week at Drexel. Nearly 77 years ago, Charles Morris Hobson, Jr. took the first TKE oath. 40 years later Joe Facenda would take his oath as Alpha Tau 1000. That brings us to this day. 2000. We also hear from John Anderson Fry, president of Drexel. He speaks “Today as you welcome your 2000th member, I hope you take enormous pride in TKE’s past and look forward to it’s future with even greater excitement. Congratulations on everything you have achieved together.” And quite an achievement it was. Truly better men for a better world.

Wedding at the Glasbern Inn, Fogelsville, Pennsylvania

Let me ask you a question: Do you believe in fate or coincidence? There is no good answer because both options are true. But I believe in love. Because love is the answer, and love found them… Our story begins with these words, spoken by the Brides Father. Anna continues to paint the picture of when she and Matt first met. They shared the hallway in the same apartment building where they officially first met. What are the odd’s?! Its true that love was there and that love guided Matt & Anna from strangers into lovers. The proof is in the story. Experience the love in sound and motion through our short film edit. We were so proud to help embody the grace, beauty and magic of this wedding. From golden Sunsets, heavenly rain, and wilderness, to a serious party – The warmth of this family is the reason we love what we do… Just a few of the wonderful memories of Anna and Matts wedding day at the remote Glasbern Inn in Fogelsville, PA.

Venue: The Glasbern Inn

Church: Saints Simon and Jude Church

Photographer: Chris Gifford from Weddings By Two

DJ: DJ Scribe

Coordinator: Amber Grace

Music Licensed by: Musicbed

Bucks County Aikido

We produced this short, documentary style promotional video for Bucks County Aikido. It was an honor to help represent a traditional Martial arts Dojo and witness the mastery and way of life from the teachers and students. We began by scripting shots and interview questions in pre-production. We coordinated time to shoot some Hollywood style action shots and conduct interviews with the members. We returned to capture time-lapse footage and live class action including Zazen meditation. Finally, the footage, interviews and the strategically selected music score was weaved together to tell the story of life as a Martial arts warrior.

Style Me Pretty!

We have been accepted into Style Me Pretty’s ‘Little Black Book‘ !! Throughout our years of service, we have had our sights set on becoming what it takes to be accepted into such a prestigious wedding blog. Finally the day has come when we can proudly display their badge on our site. Check out our listing here!

Wedding at Dilworth Park

We were so proud to be a part of Monica and Galeano’s most special day at Dilworth Park. The ceremony was held in the heart of center city, Philadelphia in front of city hall. The fountain’s and city’s natural architecture lends itself to a photogenic dream come true. And speaking of a photogenic dream, Monica and Galeano shined so bright as a new bride and groom as they proudly paraded their love through the streets of Philly, marching to the beat of the Beatles tune, Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da! A family of musicians and opera singers played guitars, beat drums, and sang for all to hear. Later, the reception was held at the AVA- Academy Of Vocal Arts. This is the prestigious opera school where the couple attended. An equally, photogenic dream, the party was complete with a 1st first dance, parent dances, Maid of honor, and best man speeches. Of course, dessert, and cake cutting, and a great dance party… To top it all off, the evening ended with a legit Mariachi band. All of this, and more can be seen in their highlight reel below.

Venues: Dilworth Park and the Academy Of Vocal Arts

Photography: Angie of Blissy Photography


Wedding at Terrain at Styers

Caitlin & Nicholas’s Wedding at Terrain at Styers was a Pinterest reality. A common garden nursery on the outside, reveals itself to be a tastefully rustic wedding venue that knows how to throw a party. Great family, great music (from our good friend Chris Evans!), and a photogenic atmosphere create a great highlight reel. Check it out here:

Location: Terrain at Styers

DJ: Evans Entertainment

Music Licensed by: Premium Beat

RFAC Meeting at Lake Wallenpaupack

FUDR. Thats: Friends of the upper Delaware. Incredible, passionate people who truly understand and care about preserving the freshwater ecosystem of the upper Delaware river. They hired us to capture the annual RFAC meeting (Regulated Flow Advisory Committee) Held at the Lake Wallenpaupack Environmental Learning Center in Hawley, PA. It was an educational, and enlightening experience about the challenges and struggles between the people and the committee members. Do you know where your drinking water comes from?  I didn’t realize it, but NYC, New York city’s water supply comes primarily from the Delaware river. When things become out of balance by the powers of man, this greatly affects the natural ecosystem and the economy that depends on it. We were thankful to have experienced the event and deepen our understanding of the world around us.

Genesys Aerosystems

Being a videographer is cool. Every job brings a delightful variety of people, locations, and purpose. Of all the variety I must admit that todays job tops them all. I had the extreme pleasure of visiting Carson Helicopters and filming inside the cockpit of an S61 helicopter! Thats the same model the president uses! We were brought in to capture the new digital instrument panels made by Genesys Aerosystems in use. Yea -IN USE. They flew me around Pennsylvania for almost 3 hours. What a ride… I had never had a job like this and I hope to do it again soon!

Wedding in Philadelphia

We were so honored to shoot Laura and Cameron’s wedding ceremony at the historic Old St. Joseph’s Church and the Hilton Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing. Old St. Joseph’s was the first Roman Catholic church in Philadelphia, founded in 1733! There’s just something special about making memories in a place with so much history behind it… Laura and Caneron had a beautiful ceremony full of emotion and grace. We were able to capture the occasion in all our multi cam glory. Besides their love, one of the elements that really had everyone in tears was the live musical performances. The pipe organ sang through the church’s incredible acoustic space while vocalist blessed all in attendance with impeccable beauty. One of my mottos is: “the most important aspect of video is audio”… It was a real treat to capture the sound in this grand space. We strategically place microphones to record the organ, vocalists, and the dialog from the officiant, the bride, and groom. Our on-camera mics picked up a great ambient room tone that we mixed in with the close mics to create a natural live sound experience. Check out the full length, real-time, documentary style edit of Laura and Cameron’s wedding ceremony to see and hear for yourself!

Music Licensed by: Premium Beat

Real-time, documentary style edit of Laura and Cameron’s Wedding Ceremony: